Crystal Cauldron necklace


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Explore our collection of unique resin crystal cauldron necklaces, perfect for the modern witch. These magical necklaces are handcrafted and available for sale. Discover your inner enchantress with these stunning accessories.
Red cauldron with Moss agate coffin Crystal
Carnelian helps you make and keep money and to be successful in business ventures. Promotes friendship and improves your love life and sexuality. Helps you feel less envious of others and prevents them from being jealous of you. Inspires courage, brings clear thinking, and helps you make decisions. also can aid in virility and creativity.
Fluorite-combat fear, worry, anxiety, and it helps your mind to be more logical and sensible is said to be an aid in psychic powers especially that of Clairaudience.
Rose Quartz- Love, comfort, and harmony
Moss agate -Helps develop intuition and it can bring Peace of Mind and Spirit.